Special Election Spring 2022

The SGA Special Election

The SGA Special election is for both the Chief Financial Officer and Chief Administrative Officer positions.

To learn about eligibility for Officer positions, please see Section 8.01 of our Constitution. To learn about the duties and responsibilities for each position, see Sections 8.02-8.06.

Elections take place Jan 24th–Jan 25th at vote.uconn.edu. To access the election, scroll down to the active votes and election section." Click the button that says STAMFORD UNDERGRADUATE STUDENT GOVERNMENT SPECIAL ELECTION 1/24-1/25). You will need to sign in to UConntact with your netID. The election will both open and close at 12 PM.

Who's on the Ballot?

Chief Financial Officer

Hello, my name is Jennifer Criollo. I am a Sophomore in the School of Business. I am the current interim Chief Administrative Officer in SGA and Co-chairmen of the Women in Business committee in the BCLC. I love sudoku puzzles, shopping, reading, and going on hikes. I will be running for CFO for the upcoming Spring semester.


Chief Administrative Officer

I'm currently Vice President of the Indian Student Association and the PATH Mentoring Coordinator of the Honors Student Leadership Board, where I oversee the mentoring program within Honors. As the CAO, I hope to help SGA's members serve UConn Stamford students and represent the community.