Finance Committee

The Finance Committee is a very important part of our organization because it:

  • Receives and reviews all requests for allocations and funding made by Student Registered Organizations and by The Association
  • Reviews and prepares an annual budget for The Association
  • Presents the budget to Storrs each semester
  • Develops and reviews funding guidelines for The Association
  • Oversees funding and ensures that funding and accounting procedures are followed
  • Ensure that The Association’s budget is balanced at all times

SGA Funding Procedures

Spring 2017 Semester:

  • Finance Committee meetings will be held on Mondays at 11am in Rom 121.
  • Budget requests are due in Room 121 on Monday at 11am for review.  All request must be submitted in advance of the event.  Review funding procedures document below for recommended time for processing requests.
  • Vouchers will be due weekly on Monday at Noon for processing.


Funding Procedures (updated 9/24/14): Funding Procedures.pdf.pdf

Calendar Submission Instructions 


External Resources:


External Resources: