General Senate Meeting

Wednesdays, 1 PM

The General Senate consists of the voting members of the Senate, which are the Officers and Senators. In our weekly meetings, each Officer presents an update to the Senate. Votes are held on matters of import that affect the student body, which include, but are not limited to, approving budgets and expenditures, reviewing election procedure, and deciding on and enforcing the policies and standards of the Association.

Although Officers and sworn-in Senators are the only voting members, our meetings are open to all students to attend. These meetings are where decisions about spending and funding are made, and all students have a right to know exactly how their money is being spent and why. All students also have the right to express their opinion about fiscal decisions regardless of whether they can vote. Furthermore, meetings of the Senate are not just for voting on important business; they also serve as an open forum for students to express their opinions and concerns about anything relating the campus or university.

If you would like to become a Senator, we ask that you fill out the Senator Form. The requirements to be a Senator, as per our Constitution, are as follows:

  • Be a member of the Association (That is, an undergraduate fee-paying student).
  • Maintain a minimum GPA of 2.0 (current semester and cumulative at all times during one’s time in office.
  • Regularly attend meetings of the General Senate.

After attending two Senate meetings, you will be sworn in as a voting Senator. It is imperative that upon becoming a Senator, you attend meetings as regularly as possible. This is because in order to get business done at any meeting, we must have a majority of voting members present. Occasional absences will be excused, as long as you email our CAO ahead of time that you won’t make it ( If a Senator misses two meetings in a row without notifying us, we will have to resign them.

Join the GSM via WebEx
Meeting number: 120 683 1763
Password: rbA677vx78T

Programming Committees

The Programming Committees are led by our Programming Directors. These meetings are where the event planning happens! Some examples of what we do include Karaoke Nights, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Valentines Day, ice skating, various novelty activities, our iconic movie nights at Bow Tie Cinemas, and so much more! In these committees you will help brainstorm fresh ideas and learn about the different aspects of event planning. You'll work with others on logistics, marketing, and help make decisions such as which talent to bring, or which restaurant should cater. If you're ready to jump in and bring spice to life at UConn Stamford, we have a number of committee times for you to choose from.

Join a Programming Committee via WebEx

Directors Alyssa and Sabrina: Mondays at 9:30 AM

Directors Miraal and Sophia: Tuesdays at 10:50 AM

Directors Rowan and Francesca: Tuesdays at 12:00 PM

Finance Committee

Tuesdays, 11 AM

The Finance Committee, led by the CFO, is staffed with Senators and Committee Members who are responsible for overseeing the allocation of SGA funds. Funding proposals are requests by either SGA or registered student organizations (RSOs) for SGA funds to be used for an event or activity. SGA funds come from the $40 student activity that is paid by undergraduates each semester.

Before funding proposals are brought to the Senate, they must be subject to review by the Finance Committee. Considerations that the committee takes into account include the beneficiaries of the expense (each event sponsored by SGA should be open to all Stamford fee-paying students), cost per head, expected attendance/participation, and whether the expense is in line with the requesting organization's mission statement. After reviewing a proposal, the committee will present it to the Senate and make an official recommendation as to whether it ought to be approved. The Senate will then have an open forum for discussion, and a vote will be drawn.

It is the Finance Committee's responsibility to ensure that student fees are used appropriately and responsibly. In joining this committee, you will gain a better understanding of how the semesterly student activity fees are spent. Additionally, you will be one of the first to express your opinion on each funding proposal that is received.

For Tier-II RSOs
Once your RSO submits a funding proposal, you can expect it to be reviewed at the next meeting of the Finance Committee, unless you are notified otherwise. We strongly encourage that your RSO has at least one representative present at the meeting in which your proposal is reviewed. This is because the committee would like to hear your RSO's justification for the expense, and will likely have questions about your event. If you are not present at the meeting, the review process may take longer, because any questions or clarifications will be handled through email correspondence.

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Access Code: 619470597