SASFAC Documentation

The Student Activity and Service Fee Advisory Committee (SASFAC) is commissioned by the Provost and the Executive Vice President for Administration to provide recommendations and guidance with respect to student fee structures. Each year they hold budget hearings for Tier-III Trustee Organizations—that is, student organizations that collect student activity fees (SGA collects $40 per student each semester).

As the Stamford campus’s sole Tier-III organization, SGA is required to submit an annual packet of budget materials to SASFAC. These include an organization fact sheet, a budget narrative, and budget projection chart. This documents are prepared by our President, CFO, and Student Activities Advisor. After submitting these materials, the President and CFO present them to SASFAC at a scheduled hearing.

The purpose of submitting these budget materials and an oral presentation to SASFAC is to demonstrate why our organization is justified in collecting student fees and how we are spending that money to fulfill our purpose. To do this we address the following points:

  • How our spending for the current fiscal year has unfolded, and how it has adhered to or diverged from our prior projections
  • Our budget projections for the next two fiscal years based on the information we have available to us
  • What we have done well as an organization, and what policies and/or investments we should maintain in the years to come
  • What issues or inefficiencies our organization needs to address, and the strategies we will adopt to mitigate or resolve those problems

Ultimately, this is an opportunity for our organization to reflect on how we have been doing our job, and whether we are doing right by our constituents.

You can retrieve the budget packets from recent fiscal years below. To learn more about our mission and what we do, you can access our Constitution here. To learn more about getting involved in SGA, click here.

Additionally, below are guidelines and procedures for preparing our annual budget, and requesting a change in the student activity fee, if applicable.